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a federated social action network for activists and volunteers to mobilize in support of the organizations and causes they care about, and be rewarded for their contributions.

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Communities that work together stay together.

Join us in rebuilding the social internet.


the social action network

launching private beta in march 2021

Voluntary.Gold Infographic showing our three part platform architecture.

A Platform for Action

Social Productivity

Our network of open source collaboration hubs keep organizations and volunteer teams connected, both online and on mobile. Install it for free at your own domain, or host it with us at voluntary.gold.


Built on the free and open source nextcloud office platform, every hub in our network gets custom email, online docs, file sharing, group chat, audio and video calls, events calendar, project management tools, and access to all the other nextcloud plugins. Our free plugin for nextcloud provides the special sauce that integrates with our blockchain rewards network, our community support network, and all other other voluntary.gold collaboration hubs.

Community Development

Our in house experts offer support for organizations and individuals to leverage the power of decentralized leadership and cooperative teams to supercharge mission driven work.


Let’s face it. Decentralized organization is hard. It takes time to establish, and can be difficult to steer when in motion. More of an art than a science, our professional support team offers a mix of ingredients and recipes for voluntary communities to grow in sync with the organizations and causes they support.

Motivating Rewards

Our blockchain based crypto-currency and non-monetary achievement badges provide a universally verifiable “proof of volunteer service”. Issued by member organizations, these may be used in-network or world-wide to power a rewarding incentive program.


This is the hard nut in volunteer management that we are cracking. With the Cardano blockchain as our platform, we are developing digital tokens (badges and coins) which can be used across all sectors to recognize and reward voluntary service. This is how individuals can own their contributions to society, and be free to give at the time and manner of their choosing.

We are a hybrid foundation and for-profit business.


Acquire and distribute funding for the development and adoption of our open source platform, as well as for peer reviewed research on decentralized community development and blockchain based incentive programs.

For Profit

Offer hub hosting and support for organizations and teams using this open source platform, as well as workshops and leadership training for their community development.

As of Feb. '21, we are in the early stages of development, with a board of experts, a team of builders, and a clear roadmap for success. Your participation is welcome.

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Our private beta network will be ready by mid march for real world mobilization of volunteer communities.

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We have a few paid positions and many more volunteer positions available for all aspects of community and software development.

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Community building is not easy.
This is why we make tools
for easier community building.
It starts now.

  • Organizations can empower people on their own terms.
  • Organizations can build bridges to connect with others.
  • Mission driven organizations are essential for a free society.
  • If your organization is looking to empower and motivate your volunteer base, please join us in building the best platform together. Offers of financial and professional assistance are welcome.

    Development Team

    Manuel Mejia

    Product Lead

    Design, Development, Vision Communication

    Adam Rusch

    Community Development & Rewards

    Grant writing, leadership training, blockchain consultation, Business development

    Could B You

    Development Lead

    Dev Ops, Full Stack, Smart Contracts, White Hat

    Could B You

    B2O Sales & Fundraising

    interface with existing grants and interested organizations

    Could B You

    B2C Marketing & Brand Building

    interface with volunteer communities at large.

    Advisory Board

    Russ Clark

    Legal and Business Development

    Cyrus Mejia

    Board Development

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